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  • A basket full of healthy guilt free snacking for you this festive season with Four Thirty
  • A basket full of different food packets from Four Thirty with a bow on the top
  • Mini bites crunchies placed around a brown Four Thirty packet
  • Different trail mixes in bowls and on a wooden tray.
  • Different crackers on a platter with dips and olives around it
  • Different Four Thirty puffs in bowls on a yellow background

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Basketful of Goodness

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₹ 1,620
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₹ 1,620


Gluten Free

No Sugar

No Preservatives

Looking to carry a basket full of guilt-free snacks this festive season while you visit your friends? Our Basket cutely holds up to 7 items and can be easily transported, it comes packaged saving you the hassle of packaging and allows you to choose a mix of sweet and savoury from our product range.

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