Welcome to our snacking initiative!

‘Four Thirty’  is our fervent dedication to promoting healthy eating habits and our desire to share the cherished home-grown 4.30 p.m. snacking tradition. 

The journey started with our mother, Savita Nagpal, who believed that clean eating begins with nutritious meals- savoured not occasionally but daily. As a result, our kitchen was always abundant in fresh, organic and wholesome ingredients. Our mother took it upon herself to banish the usual culprits, such as foods with high starch, fats and sugars. She recognised the potential harm they could cause our health and utilised her culinary skills to create unique combinations of healthier snacks.

She brought to the table a variety of light bites like savoury crackers and dips - which quickly gained popularity among our family and friends. Her passion and success in promoting healthy snacking inspired us, Yatika and Jhalak, her food-enthusiast daughters, to carry forward the legacy of clean snacking.

Our mission is to care for your well-being by providing snacks that are rich in nutrition and also delectable. We take pride in using high-quality and fresh ingredients in all our products to ensure our patrons enjoy nothing but the best. 

We hope you relish our offerings as much as we enjoy bringing them to you. Thank you for choosing us as your partner in healthy snacking!