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  • Our all time favorite snacking box for all your special case snacking needs.

Combo Pack

A Very Special Case

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Gluten Free

No Sugar

No Preservatives

Why choose when you can have it all? Whether hunger pangs call in at work or you have some solid sugar cravings, our all-time special box has the answer to all your snacking needs. From crunchy Biscotti to Italian style Chilli Oregano crackers, and from sweet and spicy trail mix to the delightful Almond Pistachio bites, here is a variety for every mood and occasion!

This special case contains:

  • Almond & Pistachio Bites (80 gms)
  • Jowar Biscotti (100 gms)
  • Sweet & Spicy Trail Mix (100 gms)
  • Chilli Oregano Crackers (50 gms)
  • Masala Sorghum Puffs (30 gms)
  • Chilli Cheese Jowar Pops (30 gms)
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Taste Profile

Almond & Pistachio Bites: Nutty, Crispy, Sweet & Rich in Protien, Pani Puri Makhana: & Crisply Roasted, Sweet & Spicy Trail Mix: Signature Blend of Nuts & Seeds, Savoury, Chili Oregano Crackers: Crispy, Light & Zingy Kick, Masala Sorghum Puffs: Snappy Crunch & Sour-Tangy Flavour, Chilli Cheese Jowar Pop: Munchy, Spicy & Binge-worthy

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