We founded Four-Thirty for the love of clean and healthy snacking

It is our ode to the time of the day when hunger strikes (usually at around 4:30). Our mission is to provide snacks that are nutritious, filling, and tasty!

Our home-grown snacking initiative started when our dearest Mom - Savita Nagpal decided that her kids (us!) would here onwards eat healthy and well! For her, eating healthy meant the addition of nutritious and wholesome ingredients to our daily meals. Fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, dry fruits became a staple at our home.

When it came to snacking, Mom banned the usual items like potatoes, wheat crackers, salted items, fried stuff, and other sweet-treats, as she knew that these are terrible for health and there are more nutritious alternatives available. Putting all her skills and creativity to work, she came up with unique recipes and combinations for healthier and happier snacks.

From bite-sized treats to savoury munchies, nutritious crackers to home-made dips and handy trail mixes, her special home-made snacks were loved not only by us but all our family and friends too! Looking at the great response these home-made snacks had always received, we, Yatika and Jhalak, her food enthusiastic daughters, were spurred to take this legacy of clean snacking forward!

Inspired by our mom, we are now on a mission of caring! We care about eating healthily and we want to ensure that whatever we put out is not only healthy but also delicious.

We hope you love these goodies as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to you!