This Diwali, Binge Responsibly

This Diwali, Binge Responsibly

Diwali. A festive period full of small joys, from last-minute shopping sprees, decorating homes with diyas and rangolis, fun get-togethers, and to indulging in the delicious snacks. These are the little things that make Diwali truly special.

However, many of us forget how easily these 5-wondrous days can play havoc with our wellbeing. From skipping meals, to low water intake to late nights, and indulging in unhealthy food, these 5-days of festivities can easily turn into 5-days of acidity, lethargy, headaches, and unnecessary weight gain.
The best way to enjoy this festive period is to have a mindful approach to our food intake. In being aware of what we consume, we will find ourselves higher spirits and would definitely enjoy the festivities whole-heartedly.
How can we be mindful during the festive period?

First: Water, Water, Water

When hungry, drink water. When thirsty, drink water. Where possible, pick up chaas or nimbu pain instead of fruit juices or fizzy drinks. Instead of the usual nibbles or desserts, you can even opt for fruits with high water content such as watermelon, sweet-melon, or strawberries!

Second: Party With Micronutrients 

While it is okay to indulge now and then on your favorite foods, it is also quite vital to ensure that you fill up on your daily nutrient requirements. Even if you are a guest at a party, you can easily carry a handy pack of trail mix that includes nuts and seeds. These are packed with micronutrients and can ensure that you feel full and satisfied! We have curated a variety of trail mixes that are quite convenient to carry around. Our favorite is the sweet and spicy trail mix, which is a perfect chakna for all your patta parties.
Also FYI – these are perfect for gifting! We would love to help you with personalized gift hampers. Check them out here.

Third: Have Healthier Cravings

Who can say no to some delicious Samosas and Jalebis. Well, you can! Have a taste or two, but instead of filling up on these empty calories, why not opt for some healthy snacks instead? If you are hosting, serve up some baked quinoa tikkis with nutritious green chutney. Let your main course be a delicious Thai curry cooked with a lot of veggies! For parties, you attend, volunteer to bring in some Amarnath crackers with a simple home-made dip. Have a look at our snack pack, these have 6 different flavors which can perfect with almost any dip! Round it off with some of our sweet bites instead of the usual pedhas or mithai. Satiating your taste buds shouldn't have to be a punishment for your gut :)

And finally: Clean Gifting

What goes around comes around. The gift of clean eating is truly special and thoughtful. From our playful bites to our fun trail mixes, our goodies are delightful, nutritious and they make the perfect Diwali gifts. Just pick and choose your preferences and, we would be happy to personalize your Diwali hamper!
From Four: Thirty, we wish you all a happy, safe and socially distanced Diwali!