Snack Away To Good Health

Snack Away To Good Health

As long as the day is, and as busier it gets, what keeps us going and pumped in energy and good spirits is our favorite munchies and snacks. Whether it's a pre-meal binge or a tea-time snack, these appetizers are, for many, the highlight of the day!

But snacking doesn't have to mean piling on empty calories or gorging on unrefined sugar. If done right, snacking can be an easy way to fulfill our body's required nutritional quota and, if done mindfully, can even be an aid to weight loss!

So here are our top 3 favorite snack combos which we would love for you to try out!
Number 1: Trail Mixes

If you are a fan of potato chips or other fried goods, swap these high-calorie, high-sodium items with a fun combo of nuts, dry fruits, and seeds. An ideal snack, this combo possesses a perfect balance of healthy fats, proteins, and fibers. Have at work or on the go to feel full and for a quick energy boost.
Number 2: Dark Chocolate With Fruit

Don't let your sweet tooth get the better of you. Un-refined sugar is extremely unhealthy and affect energy levels and leads to unnecessary weight gain. If you have a sweet tooth, we suggest nibbling on a low-sugar dark chocolate a low-sugar, dark chocolate bar. Dark chocolate with more than 70% cocoa content is antioxidant rich and is rich in fiber too. We specially love a combination of sweet and tangy berries with luscious dark chocolate – this is not only an antioxidant rich treat but also a healthy delight for those who crave sugar!    
Number 3: Serve Up Guac Or Hummus With Gluten-Free Crackers

Say no to queso and the usual cheesy spreads. Dairy is the number one contributor to heart disease and diabetes. And what's more excess dairy also contributes to various adult acne (yikes)! Make dips with avocados or chickpeas and serve them with some healthy gluten-free crackers or kale chips. If you like nachos and salsa, you can also try out baked nachos with fresh tomato salsa. Perfect for a session of Netflix and Binge!